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Welcome to Motorail Riders - UK's favourite Motorail for Motorcyclists


RAILSAVERS - The bikers choice.
We specialise in Motorcyclists! We give extra care with your motorbikes and with all the travel arrangements.

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We offer special deals for bikers than any other company!
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Motorail has a special significance to motorcyclists and our Pullman services are particularly geared to them. We specialise in Motorail for motorbikes.

Go Motorail and save a back tyre’ was our slogan when we started over 25 years ago and is still valid today.

Motorail, Motorcyclists offers

  • Puts you, overnight on the great touring roads of Italy, Slovenia and Southern France. Wake up to good weather, great scenery and most importantly, it keeps the miles off the speedometer.
  • We offer special fares for individual motorbikes and riders, (other companies sometimes charge the same for one bike as a car).
  • Budget berths or sole occupancy compartments are available and whilst you are asleep, dreaming of the windy roads of the Dolomites, touring to the Balkans or doing Tuscany, we’ll be taking great and secure care of your bike.
  • FREE OFFERS FOR MOTORBIKES– See our special offer page.

We pride ourselves in giving you the best service to motorbikes when they need to travel into Europe.



  • We will take more care of your motorbike and you.
  • You yourself oversee the loading of your motorbike, actually loading it onto the train.
  • We will even email you the loaders manual so you have advanced assurance about the motorbike’s protection on the train.
  • Our trains are direct, so no waiting in sidings as other rail companies do.
  • Choice of sleepers to suit you or your party from budget berths to deluxe sleepers.
  • Where possible, we will book compartments next to each other if you are in a group.
  • We remember your gear and where we can, we book you in 6 berth compartments for 4 motorcyclists - Just to give you more room.
  • Where it's 1 or 2 motorcyclists, we can offer budget berths. These berths mean there is a possibility of having to share with other passengers BUT we’ll reserve the best berths so you are advantaged.
  • We offer a Club bar car from around 9pm until midnight so it’s a great place to meet other bikers.



Railsaver’s client Roger Bateman’s motorbike trip to Italy.


Service to Livorno
Service to Alessandria
Service to Koper



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